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Questions of user numbers remain but New Jersey moves towards on-site mobile gambling.

While casinos are still considering the introduction of on-site mobile gambling, racetracks could become the first venues to actually implement this option.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed a law on Monday, allowing punters at the state’s racetracks to place their bets using their portable devices. If the law is put into practice soon, New Jersey could become the first state to have this sort of mobile sports betting.

Several obstacles may actually delay this scenario. The main impediment is the challenge mounted by federal authorities (and the sports industry) against New Jersey’s legalization of sports betting at its racetracks and Atlantic City casinos. Under current laws only 4 designated states are authorized to offer sports betting and NJ is not among them.

The other consideration, which is also holding casinos back from implementing such Android or iPhone gambling, is the concern that there may simply be too few people using it, preventing it from becoming a viable alternative.

Supporters of the law, however, insist that technological innovation is necessary for the state’s gambling industry to remain competitive and improve its attractiveness. Member of the State Assembly, John Burzichelli (D) had this to say about the matter: “It’s technology allowing the racing industry to reshape itself by drawing younger customers. [Technology] moves our horse-wagering industry into the 21st century.”

In the case of casinos and racetracks technology could liberate players from the hustle-bustle of the tables (or the betting windows at the case of racetracks) by letting them play anywhere on the premises. When leaving the sites, these mobile solutions would cease to be accessible.

Details of the regulation for the racetracks must still be worked out. Regulations are already in place for casinos. Due, however, to the previously described hesitation, it could take quite a while before mobile casino gambling is introduced on casino premises. Likewise, it is equally unclear when mobile horse betting could become the norm.