iPhone 5S delayed due to bigger screen
iPhone 5S

Allegedly, Apple is contemplating increasing the size of the iPhone 5S screen, thus delaying its launch until the end of the year.

Following a multitude of rumors and various speculations on how the iPhone 5S will look like and what features it will deliver, the latest suggestion about the upcoming iPhone casino monster features a rumor that the device’s screen will be bumped to 4.3-inches compared to the 4.0 on the current iPhone 5.

Previous reports suggested the production of the newest iPhone mobile gambling tool is scheduled to commence by the end of July. Naturally, if the rumors of a larger screen turn out to be true it will definitely mean that the release date of the iPhone 5S will indeed be delayed.

All the rumors up until this point only spoke about an improved camera and a brand new much more powerful chipset. In case the screen will increase in size, it will break Apple’s pattern when the S models all used the same-sized shells and screen sizes, but only brought improved specs and features.

The same source, however, says that the cheaper iPhone is still on course for Q3 release date. The chipsets for this mobile casino device have already started shipping to manufacturing facilities in June, while the ones to power the iPhone 5S are supposed to be ready for shipping in August.

Naturally, readers are advised to take all rumors with caution. As a general rule with Apple devices, the speculations intensify up until the next Cupertino event, which is scheduled to take place in fall. We really do hope that Apple will unveil at least one new device then.