iPhone 5S to be delayed
iPhone 5S delayed?

After a decade of beating everyone’s projections, Apple is expected to see profits fall in this quarter.

The Cupertino producer of magnificent mobile casino tamers has been shining in the financial reports ever since 2003. However, industry analysts say that this quarter Apple will see their profits fall for the first time.

While the revenues are expected to grow by 8% this quarter, Apple’s net income is said to show an 18% decline, together the two figures will make up the slowest growth rate Apple has shown since 2009. Apple’s margins are mainly affected by growing costs of components and introduction of low-price devices such as the iPad Mini.

Demand for iPhone mobile casino tools is also weakening. Rough estimates say that there are around 25 million iPhones sold today, while the expectations were around 35 million units in the previous quarter. The demand for the iPad Mini is also slowing down, but some sources say that soon there will be two Minis to choose from: a Retina-display one and non-Retina.

Future quarters may bring more trouble for Apple, the much anticipated iPhone 5S and the mysterious “cheap iPhone” may be delayed for a couple of months, while the all new iPhone 6 isn’t expected to appear at all this year.

However, having said all that, Apple is still beating profits of Microsoft and Google put together, so there’s nothing major to fear yet.