Next gen iPhone
iPhone 5S design

The next Apple iPhone is rumored to come with a radically new sloped design, backing Apple’s patent application.

The story that Apple has applied and got an approval for several new technologies is continued with rumors speculating that the next iPhone casino tool will come with a sloped design. We all know that the Cupertino company has favored the square form for its smartphones, but perhaps it is time to change that.

Whatever the new iPhone gambling device will be called: iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S, some sources suggest that its body will be sloped towards the edges, and the home button will be gone, giving way to an edge-to-edge touchscreen.

Naturally, these are all rumors at this stage and both the disappearance of home button and the brand new design may be a bit of a stretch. All should be revealed when Apple decides to share some official information about the upcoming flagship mobile casino device.

The photos, currently found on the internet suggesting the new iPhone form may be revealing one of the prototypes the guys in Cupertino are working on. In any case we will continue to monitor the news and report back to our faithful readers whenever we hear more about the next generation iPhone.