good golf for tiger means blackjack
Blackjack or Golf?

Tiger’s comeback at the Masters Tournament has golf forums buzzing with a notion that without first relaxing at a blackjack table, Tiger Woods can’t effectively play golf.

Tiger Woods, the world renowned golf maestro, had a tough time over the past few years. The past 16 months were jam packed full of sex addiction clinics, apologies, more therapy, groveling, but most of all, lack of casinos, blackjack games and all the fun things in life he enjoyed most.

All his stress-relievers were taken away and replaced with 12 step re-education programs attempting to convince a healthy, wealthy, famous male in his prime that sex, gambling, parties and fun are all very bad.

When he got back to swinging the golf clubs, it’s as if his talent magically disappeared overnight. Yet before he was ‘outed’ and before he was forced to confess, Tiger successfully juggled a wife, a demanding golf schedule, a few dozen mistresses, fulfilling all the contractual obligations to sponsors, and a weekly mission to play casino blackjack card games.

What’s hard to understand is, if he was so ridden by guilt over infidelities and felt the ‘trap closing in on him’, why was he playing so perfectly back in those days when now (that his ‘soul is unburdened’), he can hardly qualify for a tournament much less win one.

Some schools of psychology teach that when a person represses what they truly want and love, all the while living a lie and pretend to be something they are not, it’s damaging to ones mental health. Tiger Woods may be a Buddhist but he is no monk, and without fun and excitement in life, he began to wilt as everything that he enjoyed was taken away.

It’s the opinion of leading bookmakers, Tiger will improve his game when he restarts the lifestyle he had prior to being yanked out of his comfort zone. There might be some truth to this theory. Prior to the start of the 2011 Masters, Tiger had an extensive stay at Atlantis casino in the Bahamas where he was seen partaking of every fruit from the blackjack gambling tree that nourished his talent for the past decade.

Tiger, for the first time in over a year, restarted the old tradition of mediating and focusing himself for a few days at a casino blackjack and craps tables. He tied for 4th place in the 2011 Masters, and his global ranking improved by two slots to number five.

It’s time for Tiger to begin applying smart strategies again and to avoid at all costs the losing black jack strategies within the casino, playing on the golf course and in his private life.

So what does Tiger Woods love more, his golf clubs or the blackjack table? That’s for others to decide, but perhaps it’s both since without blackjack, his golf game falters and without his golf clubs and the income they generate, he won’t be able to afford $25,000 per hand blackjack games. We wish him the best at both.