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LG representative explains LTE in Nexus 4
Nexus 4 LTE?

Following the discovery of the LTE connectivity support in the Nexus 4 smartphone, LG steps up to explain the situation.

A few days ago an LTE chip was discovered inside the LG Nexus 4, and mobile casino gamers were wondering if they can actually make it work ever since. Some even succeeded to activate it and test out the LTE connectivity on Band 4 in Canada.

Android casino forums are full of hot discussions on the topic trying to find out the reason why the chip hasn’t been enabled, considering it was in the almost identical LG Optimus G device.

The spokesperson for LG had to give some kind of explanation, and here’s what he has told Techradar: “In order to provide the best possible specification for Nexus 4, LG utilized the same powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset as can be found in its 4G LTE product, namely LG Optimus G.
This powerful chipset is only available with a combined processor and modem and cannot be implemented separately.”

The spokesperson went on to tell eager mobile casino games fanatics that the LTE connectivity can’t be fully obtained simply by making a switch in the software as the smartphone lacks the “essential hardware parts” including the signal amplifier and filter.

This seems strange at the very least, considering that we already know the LG Nexus 4 to have been tested in the LTE mode on the Canadian networks. Could the LG representatives be holding back some information?