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German T-Mobile image of Nokia Searay
Nokia Searay

Mobile casino forums were set abuzz by an alleged new Nokia Searay destined for German T-Mobile network in the very near future.

One eager fan of mobile casinos, whose name and employer we cannot disclose, just couldn’t keep a secret. He shared with the whole world an image of a new Nokia Searay smartphone. The photo looks legitimate enough for us to believe that it’s not a rumor.

The photo naturally features an image of the new phone, T-Mobile’s logo and a short text in German. Its closest translation to English reads: “Get safely to your destination with Nokia including 3D. Representation and voice navigation Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system. 3.7″ brilliant domed AMOLED display.”

The German Nokia Searay leak reminded us about the promised Nokia Sea Ray, which we have already discussed previously, read more in (Nokia Sea Ray with WP7 Release Date is Guessed by Mobile Gamers article. The T-Mobile image text revealed previously unknown features of the phone to Nokia gambling fans.

Some industry experts rushed to disappoint regulars of Windows mobile casinos, cheering the news about the new WP7 Mango Nokia. Experts suggest that it’s highly unlikely that Nokia will call the device “Searay” or “Sea Ray”, since the company has recently opened a poll to create the best name for its WP 7 devices. Suggestions including Phoenix, Genesis and others are on top of the list.

Windows mobile gambling fans can therefore expect names such as Nokia Phoenix N1 or similar, rather than just “Searay”. However nothing is yet finalized in Finland, and the company may well go with individual names for their devices as opposed to series denomination. Whatever Nokia executives decide, hopefully the wider public will know by the end of 2011, when the first WP7 Nokia is expected.