Latest smartphones for India
Indian Releases

Some of the latest monster phones have been officially launched in India creating some difficult choices for the local mobile gamers.

Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 701, the Windows Phone Mango powered duo made their official debut in India with a bang at an event attended by by movie stars and entrepreneurs. But who cares about them, since more importantly, the esteemed members of the Indian mobile gaming community were at hand to ensure that Indian mobile gamers get all the info they need to know about the devices and not just hundreds of photographs of Bollywood starlets winking at the cameras.

First up was the Lumia 800, which boasts an impressive list of high octane features (read more in Lumia 800 – First Nokia Smartphone Powered By Windows Phone 7 article) and is priced at $577, while the little brother Lumia 701 sells for $378.

iPhone 4S is all but guaranteed to supersize every mobile gaming experience at Indian iPhone casinos and mobile gaming hubs favored by serious gamers. The phone will hit Aircel stores on November 25 and preorders will begin on the 18th. We are unfortunately unable to confirm any concrete pricing info but we are hearing more and more rumors of Airtel stores carrying the new iPhone 4S as well.

Motorola RAZR XT910 is a tiger of a beast and is sure to make all Android casinos regulars happy with its impeccable specs (learn more in Motorola RAZR Banned at Mobile Casino After Deadly Fight Injures Seven article). At first, the RAZR power phone was scheduled to appear in India towards the end of the year, yet an online retailer in India claims to have received an early shipment accidentally. Now thats luck!

Motorola RAZR could belong to anyone who enjoys playing mobile casino games, as long as they can pay the $676 price. That’s quite a bit more pricey than the $567 Samsung Galaxy S II, and more in line with the $696 Galaxy Note, which has also recently made its debut in India. Galaxy Nexus is also expected to arrive shortly, putting Indian mobile gamers in a real dilemma about which smartphone is truly the best. We say – let the dice or the cards decide!