WP7 on LG Optimus Black
LG Optimus Black

Mobile gamers preferring Windows Phone 7 were surprised by a mysterious LG Optimus smartphone.

An unexpected find was discovered by one of Windows mobile gambling fans. It turns out that Windows Phone 7 has been spotted powering the LG Optimus Black. We all know that Optimus Black runs on Android, so this latest find could be explained in a number of ways. Mobile gamers have been known to sniff glue, which causes hallucinations, body tremors and enlargement of the testicular glands. But lets discount that for now.

Either a version of LG Optimus Black running on WP7 is in the works or someone managed to hack the mobile device, replacing the Android with the WP7. And his name is…. Bill Gates! There is also possibilities of a time traveler bringing us gifts from the future. The latter seems impossible even for the bravest of mobile casinos regulars, since Android powered LG uses the TI OMAP chipset, while WP7 is only compatible with Qualcomm Snapdragons. Unless the TI Omap has been hacked too.

LG Optimus Black looks so hot, sexy and desirable that more than a few late blooming mobile gamers in their early twenties have finally started puberty. Android casinos even feel luxurious because of the phone’s sleek, easy-to-hold design. No wonder folks at LG have decided to introduce a version of the smartphone powered by a different OS. As is always the case with secret mobile devices, we have no confirmation, photos, evidence or even a hint that such a phone even exists. But we believe it does even though we have zero evidence to support our believes.

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