Motorola goes patriotic with Moto X
Moto X ad

The first Moto X advertisement from Motorola is scheduled to show up in print media today, playing nicely on patriotic feelings.

Motorola has already let everyone know that the upcoming Android casino tamer will be fully built in the United States. Now, the American company went even further and used the upcoming July 4 holiday to play on the patriotism of their fellow citizens announcing the new smartphone. The ad also coincides with Motorola revealing its brand new logo.

The Moto X is of course the much talked about Motorola X Phone mobile casino device, which has been enjoying spotlight in rumors and speculations land for quite some time now.

The print ad goes live today in New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal. The advertisement is focusing on the fact that the mobile casino games monster is built and assembled in the United States besides showcasing the company’s brand new logo.

The advertisement also teases prospective buyers with a note that the Moto X is “the first smartphone you can design yourself.” We’ll leave it up to our faithful readers to decide what it means for themselves. In any case we won’t know for sure until more details or an official announcement comes.

Judging by the way Motorola is investing in marketing and PR, it looks like the official Moto X release date is just around the corner. We will definitely monitor the news to report any developments back to you.