LTE-A capable iPhone rumored
iPhone with LTE-A

Only a few weeks after we learned that Samsung will be exploiting the LTE-A networks, it seems Apple is trying to do the same.

Although iPhone 5S rumors and speculations are numerous and renew on a daily basis, they primarily focus on the specs and the release date of the upcoming iPhone casino monster. Today we have something a little bit different.

You all remember how Samsung was preparing a super-fast version of Galaxy S4 to handle the LTE-A network in South Korea. Now, it looks like Apple is hoping to utilize this technology in the upcoming iPhone 5S mobile casino games tamer.

An unanimous SK Telecom exec, has revealed that his company has been contacted by the Cupertino guys on the subject of negotiating an LTE-Advanced supporting iPhone version. It’s not clear yet if the LTE-A will be a standard feature in all iPhone 5Ss or there will be a separate model with that capability.

The executive had the following comments: “SK Telecom is approaching Apple to put our LTE-A technology on the upcoming iPhone 5S. We are in the middle of negotiations”. South Korea is currently the only country with a wireless carrier offering the LTE-A technology, which is twice as fast as the regular LTE. The Galaxy S4 LTE-A is already launched in Korea, and this latest rumor means that the market might be getting another ultra-fast mobile casino device pretty soon.

As for the possible features of the LTE-enabled iPhone 5S, the same SK Telecom exec suggested it might be powered by Qualcomm technology. It’s highly unlikely that Apple’s proprietary chipsets will be replaced by Snapdragons, but the Qualcomm modems inside Apple smartphones seem like a plausible scenario.

Note that these are just rumors at this stage, we will definitely let our readers know once we get our hands on more information.