Galaxy Nexus network bug
Galaxy Nexus

Signal loss issue troubles Galaxy Nexus mobile gamers following the Android 4.0.4 update.

The much anticipated Android 4.0.4 update reached Galaxy Nexus owners last week. However, now fans of mobile casinos report that the updated smartphone loses signal after going into sleep mode. Not so perfect after all.

Most of the Android casinos regulars say this problem only occurs when there’s no application running prior to the phone going into sleep mode. The CPU speed goes under a certain boundary and the smartphone loses the network connection. So unless you wake up the phone you won’t be able to receive calls or SMS.

Some mobile casino games enthusiasts immediately suggested a solution: just keep some resourceful application running in the background and the problem will never occur. Other solution may be in upgrading the default processor speed from 350MHz to 700MHz or simply by disabling the sleep mode altogether.

Naturally, these solutions will cause the smartphone to lose precious battery juice. And we all know how valuable it may prove, when a sudden urge to play a little Android blackjack hits.

So far the issue is only reported on the 4.0.4 build for the GSM Galaxy Nexus. Downgrading back to 4.0.2 version solves the problem. Please let us and you fellow mobile gamers know if and how the issue is impacting your Galaxy Nexus.