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Comic book to be based on MIT Blackjack Team
MIT Blackjack comic

Comic books are usually inspired by eternal fight between good and evil, yet sometimes an unexpected inspirational theme can strike an author.

Mark Bagley and Brian Bendis unveiled a new project at C2E2 comic book convention in Chicago. A new comic book, titled “Brilliant” will see the light of day as the sun hits the Marvel Comics’ Icon imprint in July 2011. The comic’s inspiration came during Brian Bendis’ stint as a writer for the pilot of HBO TV show, based on the story of the world famous MIT Blackjack team’s quest for power and wealth.

The book will show how a group of geeky college students with 10cm thick glasses, bad acne, and poor hygiene, managing to discover super powers during a freak lab accident. The story will twist around the infinite possibilities of the effects of the super powers on the whole world and the protagonists lives.

In all the history of blackjack, the most legendary card counting syndicate is the incredible MIT Card Counting Team. The blackjack team, incorporating both card counting and blackjack signals to beat casinos throughout the world for close to a hundred million dollars.

The team composed of the smartest minds of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University who perfected a brilliant strategy to beat any casino at blackjack game. The team used 8 simultaneous members on the casino floor as a team, with some members using complex card counting system variations to gain the maximum leverage over casino. Other members joined a table when the card counters indicated player advantage.

They utilized card counting and other complicated techniques to overcome casinos at blackjack card games. Operating from 1979 till now, the MIT team is the most successful team of all time, consistently generating close to 3500% yearly returns.

The comic book is expected to run for eight issues, yet could further grow into a miniseries, if public receives it well.