Next gen iPhone
Next gen iPhone

iPhone rumors always attract lots of attention from both technophiles and mobile casino gamers, we deliver the latest ones.

The next generation of Cupertino mobile casino tamer, call it iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, is said to come with a display sporting double the amount of pixels found in the current device. The rumor is courtesy of Wei Feng Chinese social network, and the same source is also suggesting the side bezels of the smartphone will be thinner, just like of the iPad Mini, which actually makes sense.

The iPhone 5 offers mobile casino games enthusiasts around 730 thousand pixels at 326ppi density. In case the latest chit-chat is true, the upcoming device will sport 1.5 million pixels at around 460ppi density (if the size of the screen stays the same). If the Cupertino giant is looking to match the current 5 inch 1080p flagships of its competitors, then the screen size can be bumped up to 4.2 inches.

When iPhone casino tool was moved from 3GS to 4, the pixel count was doubled both vertically and horizontally, you can say it was quadrupled. This allowed the apps that didn’t support the new resolution to be easily upscaled. But when the iPhone 4 and 4S was bumped to 5, an extra 176 pixel rows were added, as a consequence older applications were simply letterboxed via black bars (some of them still are).

This time, however, such a move could be very difficult, so it’s either black bars again, or the rumor is not true. But then again, if the previous suggestion about the iOS 7 for the new iPhone is true, it could deliver a brand new look, which will help with doubling the pixel count. In any case we’ll have to wait and see until something official is given out.

The next iPhone mobile gambling device is said to go into production next month, putting the release date at around September, which also means live picture leaks will start to pour in soon.