Nokia EOS leaked photos
Nokia EOS

Following a multitude of rumors about the Nokia EOS, we can now see the device in all its glory thanks to leaked pictures.

The Nokia EOS is supposed to blow every existing smartphone in terms of camera, once released. Up until now it was all rumors and speculations about the upcoming mobile casino tamer, but thanks to recently leaked photos there’s more certainty now.

The leaked bunch of live photos finally ends the speculations revealing the mobile casino games device from every possible angle. The pictures actually confirm that Nokia’s PureView sensor will indeed be making its way into the upcoming Nokia EOS device.

Unfortunately the camera lens labels were concealed, so there’s no telling which resolution will the upcoming Windows mobile casino device sport, but the sheer size of the module can lead to the conclusion that it will be a 41MP sensor after all. Another way to confirm the suggestion is the logic that using the 808 PureView sensor will actually make a lot of sense for the Finnish manufacturer, since this sensor is yet to be beaten by the competition.

Unfortunately, these pictures are yet to be confirmed by an official source, but judging by their quality it’s highly unlikely that someone had the diligence of making fake ones just for the sake of a joke. Naturally, there are still no details about the Nokia EOS specs, or its release date and pricing. Keep checking back in to see our updates.