German pre-orders on Nokia Lumia 1020
Pre-order Lumia 1020

Several German retailers are already offering the Nokia Lumia 1020 for pre-orders right after the smartphone has been officially unveiled.

The retailers have the newest Windows mobile gambling device for EUR 799 SIM-free. The pricing might seem steep, but if we consider the current iPhone prices, which is the industry’s most expensive device, it goes for EUR 789 in Germany for the 32GB model.

When Nokia’s CEO was presenting the Windows mobile casino tool last week, he mentioned the European availability briefly, noting it is coming to the Old Continent this quarter. Sadly, both retailers that are listing the device for pre-orders are not saying anything about the release date.

We already heard suggestions that in the US, the Lumia 1020 will be available for $300 with a 2-year deal from AT&T. Naturally, more carriers both in Europe and the US will follow with contract deals, where the smartphone will be available for less. And even the EUR 799 price for SIM-free can still go down, once the Lumia 1020 is launched officially.

There are some leaked internal documents stating that Telefonica including O2 and its sister networks, will be releasing the Lumia 1020 sometime in September. And the very same leak says that the mobile casino device will be available in a 64GB version at O2 carrier, making it worth to wait until the launch.

The official American pre-orders for the smartphone are supposed to commence tomorrow, July 16. Buyers will be able to order it at the Microsoft online store, where they will be also getting a free camera grip.