Blackjack cowboy
Blackjack cowboy

A North Dakota man named Ut Muoi Ngo is being charged for reckless endangerment after firing his pistol into the air outside of a local casino.

The scene of the crime is the Southgate Casino Bar and Grill in Grand Forks, North Dakota. On Monday night, 30-year-old Ut Muoi Ngo left the casino shortly after midnight, after losing a lot of money playing blackjack card games. Upset by his losses, Ngo took a pistol out of his pocket, and fired it into the air 14 times while yelling “yee-ha!”.

Ngo was a regular at the casino, but he may lose his spot at the tables after this unusual breach of casino etiquette.

Fellow gambler Matthew Nelson did not witness the incident, but he did see Ngo leave the casino. “It didn’t look like he was having a very good night,” Nelson said. “He looked kind of rough-looking.”

It was Nelson who told police that Ngo had lost money that night playing black jack casino games.

Police spoke with 10 people who witnessed the event. Ngo was arrested from his apartment not long after the incident took place. A local court has charged him with a felony charge of reckless endangerment and a misdemeanor count of carrying a gun at a bar. He will stand trial on December 22.