There is a big difference between playing blackjack on a computer and playing in a casino. In a casino sexy staff, royal treatment, and alcohol are often used to entice players to spend their time (and money). This is not the case when a player uses an internet casino and this can be very much to the player’s advantage. An online casino cannot perfectly replicate the settings of a real casino. So what do internet casino’s use to attract players? Money.

Most online gambling sites offer enticing startup or welcome bonuses to potential players for use specifically with games like blackjack. If a player is already a member at the casino, reload bonuses are also available.

There are two types of welcome bonuses that are generally available. Casino deposit bonuses, which require that a player makes a deposit to receive the bonus, and no deposit bonuses, which are awarded without a deposit. Neither one of these bonuses should be considered free money because players must use the extra credit in the casino before they can make a withdrawal. Deposit bonuses generally work on a percentage, with a limit. For example, there may be a deposit bonus worth 100% up to $100 dollars. This means that if you deposit $100 then the casino will match that 100% and you will have a doubled starting balance.

Currently, the top five online blackjack welcome bonuses are as follows:

A list of great deposit and non-deposit bonuses is available under blackjack bonuses on Blackjack Champ. Players should look at the different bonuses available and try one out. Nothing beats a bonus when playing blackjack!