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Most casino blackjack players will tell you that it’s a waste of time trying to count cards at online live dealer blackjack games. They will say that there are just too many negative factors against you. These are hurdles deliberately put into place by the online casinos to ensure that any chance of counting cards is reduced to the absolute minimum. And though these is some truth in what they say, it is still possible to count cards in online blackjack, providing some factors are in your favour.

Can You Count Cards In Online Live Dealer Blackjack? 

Many gambling pundits will tell you straight away that it’s impossible to count cards when playing live online dealer blackjack. That’s because there are so many methods available to fight against card counting from online casinos, then there are options from those found in real brick and mortar casinos. But although it’s true that counting cards in blackjack are not going to be easy with live dealer online games, it’s nevertheless still possible. So today we thought we’d have a look at the best blackjack tips and tricks used to count cards with live casino online games. As well as how the online casinos try and counter those who wish to gain an advantage by counting cards.

Working Strategies With Online Live Dealer Blackjacks

Everybody who has any interest in blackjack knows about counting cards as a strategy to improve your odds in the game of blackjack. The actual technique was invented by a mathematics genius called Edward Thorpe. On the whole, counting cards in blackjack involves keeping a running count, as well as a true count of the cards being dealt. You also have to have an eye on the cards remaining in the deck. As well as the number of decks in play. Using this technique, the card counter has a good idea as to the likelihood for a good card to appear. He’s then able to bet accordingly.

online live dealer blackjack
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But when it comes to online live dealer blackjack games, then card counting is not going to be easy. There are a number of ways that a dealer, as well as the casino, can ensure that the player is unable to count cards. As the player is full of determination to make use of their card counting strategies work, then it’s an ongoing battle to decide who gets the upper hand. Have a look at the strategies we suggest below, and then try your luck at our favorite online casino, King Billy Casino.

Online Live Dealer Card Counting In Blackjack

Okay, the first thing we should state is that card accounting is definitely possible in live dealer blackjack games, in spite of what everybody might have told you. Having said that, we should somewhat negate this positive news by saying that it will not be easy. Of all the anti-counting actions available, probably the most obvious one is the fact that online casinos will play with multiple decks of cards. Not just will the number of decks make life difficult, but also there’s the fact that they reshuffle them at the end of each round.

As a result of this, you’ll find that the deck penetration at a live blackjack game will stand at less than 50%. There may also be additional methods to make life difficult. Such as auto reshuffle machines. And also the “burning of cards” further decreases any possibility of being able to count cards.

Backed Off Or Banned From The Casino

If you read through the terms and conditions of any online casino, they will make mention of the idea of “Fairplay.” And in order to ensure that the players are playing fairly, the software is in use to identify players who are trying to count cards or cheat in any way. The software can pinpoint straight away a playing pattern that conforms to card counting. As a result, you may well find yourself flagged, reported to the operator, backed off, and even banned.


online live dealer blackjack
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We’re not saying that you’re going to be banned for winning. But many card counters, when their betting patterns are examined, will raise alarm bells. And you may well find that any winnings owed to you will not be paid out and you’ll be asked to close your online account. Be wary that multiple warnings can result in a ban from many online casinos, as they share such knowledge.

How The Online Live Dealer Can Stop Card Counting

Online live dealer blackjack games will come with several restrictions for card counters which makes life more difficult. These are part and parcel of the general online rules of the game, as well as the gameplay. Let’s have a look at some of the online casino options for discouraging card counters in online blackjack. These are especially important if you want to know how to win at blackjack.

Use of Multi-Decks

If you’re trying to count cards at the live dealer casino and are really struggling, then you can thank the use of multiple decks. In fact, this is going to be the most obvious reason why most card counters fail. A blackjack game is played with eight decks of 52 cards. But the shoe penetration will only be around 50%. This is because the shoe is changed after every four decks. Not only that, but many tables have introduced auto shuffling machines. These provide a fresh shoe before every hand.

As you can imagine, this is going to be extremely unfavorable if you’re trying to count cards. When we talk about the “burning of the cards” we’re actually talking about removing the cards face down or the top cards from the deck before dealing the hand. This is quite a common practice in live dealer blackjack games. So, if you’re a card counter, burning cards is only going to increase the risk of maintaining a wrong count. And this, in turn, makes it even more difficult to place your wagers with any confidence whatsoever.

Continuous Shuffling Machines

The continuous shuffling machine (CMS) is used to shuffle multiple decks at the beginning of every hand. As a result, this machine makes sure that all the decks of cards are reset completely before the playing of any hands. And this makes card counting absolutely redundant. You may well find an online casino that doesn’t use a CMS. The reason being is that these machines are incredibly expensive. Also, and maybe more importantly from a business perspective, they also kill the dreams of would-be card counters.

online live dealer blackjack
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This could put off many potential players. In which case a CMS would defeat the purpose of even offering live dealer online games. Any card counter would then go elsewhere. Remember that most of them are not going to be winning any large sums of money. So any other online casino would be more than happy to welcome them.

Low Hands-per-Hour

Because the edge advantage and counting cards in blackjack are relatively small, then for it to function effectively, there need to be adequate rounds per hour. In this way, it makes the whole experience worthwhile for the player. In other words, the more hands that you can play in one hour, the higher the potential earnings would be for the player. Unfortunately, when it comes to an online live dealer blackjack, the gameplay is exactly the opposite. You’ll find that the game is incredibly slow. This is because each player needs to click buttons in order to communicate their decisions. Once again, because of the drawn-out time factor, counting cards is going to be pretty fruitless.

Sitting at the blackjack gaming table in a real brick-and-mortar casino, a professional card counter will try and play between 100 to 300 rounds an hour. But playing online in a live dealer blackjack game, you’ll find this number falls to around 50 rounds per hour. This is going to be far too slow for a professional card counter to be able to turn a profit.

Bet Tracking Software

You’ll find that eventually, all live dealer blackjack games will make use of computer software. This is to track the betting patterns of each player. By utilizing this, the casino is able to see pretty much instantly whether a player is counting cards. The software can correlate the betting patterns to match the count. So if you’re thinking of playing online blackjack, keep in mind that you will not be able to hide the fact that you are card counting. As soon as the software picks up your playing pattern, it will recognize that you’re accounting cards. It will also alert the casino to your actions. And though we all are aware that card counting isn’t illegal, online and offline casinos are private property. And so have every right to ban players from their casinos.

Strategies That Work Against Card Counters

In truth, we have to admit that counting cards are going to be pretty difficult at most life dealer blackjack games. But there are other strategies that you can put into play that will help you against the casino’s edge. Probably the simplest of all of these is to avoid playing tables where the minimum bet is more than 5% of your bankroll. This is simply to do with time.

online live dealer blackjack
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Playing with the minimum bet of 5% or lower will allow you to play for much longer. Thus increasing your winning chances. By far one of the best online blackjack casinos is the fantastic King Billy Casino. Not only do they have every blackjack variant under the sun, but they offer all new players a very tasty welcome bonus of €1,000 to help you get started.

One Hand At A Time

Another fact that will help you maximize your chances of winning is that you must play one hand at a time. Whilst at the same time sitting as far as possible from the dealer. This will allow you to focus on just a single hand instead of multiple hands. By sitting as far away from the dealer as to possible is a good idea. This should help you to observe the cards as the dealer deals them out. Another strategy that should be a basic foundation of all your blackjack playing is to memorize the optimal blackjack strategy charts. These will tell you the best gameplay for each specific hand. Suppose, for example, you have a 10 and a 4 and the dealer has a 10 and a 2. Then the online blackjack strategy chart will let you know the optimal way to play your hand.

Leave Insurance Alone

In spite of what many casino employees and other novice blackjack players might tell you, we strongly suggest that you never ever take insurance. Insurance is a great move if you’re able to count cards. But as we’ve seen, with multiple decks, this is going to be almost impossible. To that end, taking insurance can be nothing more than a disastrous move. One final point is that you should always look for online casinos that have blackjack tables that payout at 3 to 2. This will mean that the house edge will not end up increasing over time.

Conclusion: Online Live Dealer Blackjack Card Counting

Now you have a better idea about the possibility of counting cards when playing at an online casino live dealer game. Though it is possible, it certainly won’t be easy. And you may well be spotted by the casino software and asked to leave. That’s why it’s probably better to stick with the basic blackjack strategy foundations. These will allow you the best possibility of landing some winnings.

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