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Nevada lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow hotel guests to play ‘real money’ casino games via a mobile device throughout all public areas.

The hypocrisy of American government is truly astounding.

While President Obama, the chief of the Justice Department, decided to deprive 15,000,000 poker players of their favorite skills based hobby, the state of Nevada, is considering approving legislation to allow mobile casino gambling for guests of Las Vegas casinos/hotels.

Don’t get me wrong, I think all forms of online and mobile gambling should be licensed and regulated within America. If not, might as well put a little asterisk (*) sign next to the ‘land of free’ and ‘liberty and justice for all’ in a few songs, pledges and documents.

Nevada lawmakers are mulling over a bill that will permit Las Vegas and Reno hotel guests (upon checking-in) to receive a mobile device which would allow the guest to gamble remotely in all public areas (anywhere except the casino floor).

The devices will be equipped with mobile casino software, limited artificial intelligence and a GPS unit that will only function while within the public areas of the casino/hotel.

This includes all bars, restaurants, swimming pools, attractions, shopping areas and even entertainment shows and sporting events. Thus, while you are watching some clown shown to entertain the kids, you could be splitting tens playing mobile blackjack.

The proposed Las Vegas casino mobile app will even have a comp system whereby players earn the same casino comps as if they were playing on the casino floor.

The mobile casino games will include all the standard table games found on the gaming floor, including blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, betting on sporting events and slots.

MGM Casino VP Scott Voeller said that declining profits are forcing the company to go ‘on the offensive’ by introducing new gizmos, gadgets and innovative technology. “’Now it’s time to invest further in our technology and in our programs,” added Mr. Voeller.

Las Vegas has recently been bypassed by Singapore, and is now the third gambling capital of the world. Due to endless attractions for toddlers and pre-teens (and few for adults) it has been renamed by gambling enthusiasts to Disney Vegas.