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Galaxy S4 price in USA
Galaxy S4 pricing

Some information about the Samsung Galaxy S4 pricing in the USA has been leaked unintentionally by the company’s website.

After Samsung revealed its next flagship Android casino tool – the Galaxy S4, there still remained a question of price. Although the device will not be available on the shelves until the end of April, there’s already some suggestions about its price.

Samsung’s website featured information about an ongoing giveaway, where the Galaxy S4 mobile casino tamer is the Grand prize. The terms and conditions for the giveaway stipulated that the 48 Galaxy S4 units to be awarded have an “approximate retail value” of $579.

This figure is most probably pre-tax, which will be added when the mobile casino games device hits the stores. In any case the 16GB model of the Galaxy S4 will still be cheaper than the Apple iPhone 5, currently going for $649 in a SIM-free version.

There’s still some time left before Samsung makes the S4 pricing official, however, the latest suggestions could very well be true, considering the $570 figure pretty similar to the initial pricing of Galaxy S III, when it was launched last year.

The official launch is only several weeks away, and we’re pretty sure we’ll get loads of rumors and info on the S4 pricing until then.