Samsung Galaxy S4
Galaxy S4 in USA

Samsung Galaxy S4 release date is nearing and Verizon has confirmed it will start shipping the flagship in May.

Amidst various rumors and speculation Verizon has confirmed it will start its Samsung Galaxy S4 sales in May, unfortunately no specific date has been given to mobile casino gamblers. The news comes from a very tiny Tweet by the carrier, also featuring “more details soon” teaser. The pricing policy at the carrier has also not been disclosed.

The upcoming Android casino monster will be available in the USA through seven wireless carriers including Verizon. AT&T has started accepting preorders for the device and promised to start shipping the smartphone on April 30. The two-year contract deals here will get you the smartphone for $200 – 16GB model, and $250 – for the 32GB version.

Just as a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in the USA will be the I9505 model with Snapdragon 600 at the heart of the device. It is yet unclear if the Exynos Octa-core featuring model, I9500, will reach the US market.

We continue to monitor the news and will report back to you on any developments regarding the official release date and the pricing policy throughout the American carriers. Stay tuned to learn more.