Nexus 4 to be updated
Nexus 4 LTE?

The Google I/O event is approaching rapidly and the techie world is abuzz with rumors on what the company will reveal.

With less than a month left to go until the Google I/O event starts on May 15, more and more rumors flow in suggesting what mobile casino tamers to expect from the company. The latest pick is the updated Google Nexus 4 smartphone, now with LTE radio and support for microSD card.

This particular rumor actually makes a lot of sense, at the time the Nexus 4 was introduced, it was a pretty decent Android casino device featuring lots of great bells and whistles. However, it lacked LTE support and a microSD card.

In case Google is really considering rectifying those shortcomings, many mobile casino gambling enthusiasts will welcome them with open arms. Who wouldn’t want more memory and LTE support, when more and more carriers start to offer 4G internet networks?

The updated Google Nexus 4 is said to feature LTE radio and CDMA bands at the same time, plus it’s built in memory will be extended to 32GB. No other details are available at the time, and Google didn’t officially confirm the rumor yet. Stay tuned as we uncover this and any other news about the upcoming I/O event.