New mobile titles from Probability
Probability titles

Proprietary technology reduces development time of new titles by as much as 90%.

UK-based mobile casino gambling specialist Probability PLC took a long time to produce its first profitable quarter, but the time has finally arrived after 9 years of hard work.

While not publishing exact figures, the company claims that the first three months of 2013 resulted in net profits at last. Having shifted focus from B2C to B2B operations, approximately 60% of all revenue now comes from the latter – an approximate 50% year-to-year growth.

An important development affecting European players as well as the company’s bottom line was Probability’s entry to the Italian market through the purchase of Playyoo last year, and the subsequent signing of the contract to supply the company’s hosted mobile casino and slots games to Lottomatica customers.

Anybody playing mobile slots at Foxy Bingo, Wink Bingo, 888Ladies or any other 888 brands has also undoubtedly encountered new titles supplied by Probability.

In the wake of the UK horsemeat scandal even Paddy Power’s mobile sportsbook got its own special slots title called Steaks and Stallions.

This high rate of new releases has been made possible by the use of Probability’s proprietary “Slot-O-Matic” technology, which has cut down development and launch time from six weeks to a few days. Considering that there are thousands of different mobile phones in use, game titles must either be continuously tweaked to support a very wide range of devices or some phones must go unsupported.

The “Slot-O-Matic” toolkit removes the need for a painstaking manual update and testing process, writing the necessary codes automatically, thereby allowing the titles to remain compatible with any portable device. Translated into numbers this means that Probability released more mobile slots in the last quarter than they had managed to in the previous nine months.

Getting some serious wind beneath its wings, the company is expected to enter one or two further markets this year, with the newly opened French and Spanish virtual gambling scenes figuring prominently on the list, as well as well some Scandinavian countries, where mobile gaming has been developing quite a following.

The greatest prize would of course be a B2B slice of the re-awakening US market, and Probability has been in talks with various undisclosed companies to enter states like Nevada or New Jersey where mobile casinos are being legalized.