Shuffle Master is great
Shuffle Master

Shuffle Master is developer of automatic shuffling machines used in casino blackjack card games around the world.

Shuffle Master, Inc. (NYSE: SHFL) is the inventor, developer, manufacturer and marketer of automated products used by the majority of licensed and regulated land based casinos throughout the United States, Europe and Australia.

According to casino gambling news, the twenty year old company creates entertainment-based electronic devices used on the casino floor as well as backend software used by casino dealers, security, marketing and management to increase productivity, to enhance security and to maximize profitability for all casino table based games.

The company is the inventor of the automatic card shuffling devices which protect all casino card based games against most types of card counters since the cards are shuffled internally inside a device. Some casinos began using the newest product offered to continually shuffle cards in between each hand, thereby totally eliminating the possibility of card counting.

The devices are also beneficial to players since it shaves off close to 10 minutes of each hour in waiting time, which in the past were spent waiting for the dealer to finish shuffling. The extra ten minutes per casino table greatly benefit the casino by maximizing the number of hands played per hour.

Shuffle Master’s newest invention is a state of the art table which can be configured for every casino table game including roulette with a built in continues shuffler, the ability to track bet sizes electronically, a screen to suggest the best possible play for the dealer as well as the amounts to pay the winners, and the ability to read the suit and the value of each card dealt.

The table prevents all forms of cheating by both casino employees and customers while maximizing the number of hands dealt per hour.