WP7 Mango release date
WP7 Mango release

Windows gambling fans are delighted by the latest rumors that Windows Phone 7 Mango update is to be released on September 1.

Windows Phone 7 Mango update is already undergoing heavy testing at major manufacturers. Mobile casinos fans will be able to enjoy the update as early as September 1. This will be the first big update since NoDo was released.

Windows mobile gambling fans may still remember that the NoDo release didn’t go too smooth. Microsoft hopes that this time around everything will go as planned and the much anticipated OS upgrade will run as clockwork. The rumors suggest that September 1 date is chosen as it precedes the major consumer electronics show in Berlin, IFA, held from Sep 2-7.

Nokia is supposed to release its first WP7 powered device later this year. It’s codenamed Sea Ray, and should be launched with Mango update preinstalled. Read more in our (Nokia Sea Ray with WP7 Release Date is Guessed by Mobile Gamers) article.

The WP7 Mango promises improved functionality including multitasking and is supposed to put WP7 on the same line as Android and iOS. Well, good luck, Mr. Gates, with that. However, some improvements are destined to reach WP7 users, especially smooth running of mobile casino games.