USA online gambling
Reality Also Blind

Americans has few options but to legalize, tax, and regulate online casino games in United States, prostitution, and eventually soft and even hard drugs.

In a country of finite resources which are jealously protected by armies of environmentalists, global warming gurus and animal, vegetable and insect right groups, something has to give, and its either taxpayers or laws based on morality.

In order to protect the rare spotted roaches, to protect the ozone from hairsprays and cow flatulence, to allow anyone with a heartbeat to sneak into America and claim residency, to give free medicine, dental care, unemployment insurance, free room and board, Social Security, disability payments, Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance, and subsidized school loans, America must do one of the following.

(a) Accept a 50% federal tax rate for everyone making over $60,000/year, and a higher rate for anyone making over $150,000. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a Socialist duck, Americans should fully embrace the wisdom and wonders of American Progressive Socialism and begin to redistribute wealth in earnest.

(b) Face riots and anarchy from perceived cuts in public spending (U.K. today). Social Security debt by that time will be traded on the Obama Junk Bonds Exchange and tens of millions of citizens expecting their retirement income will find just IOUs. Other groups suckling on the wilting breast of the Federal government will happily join in the riots as well.

(c) Legalize, regulate and tax online gambling, prostitution and drugs. The revenue alone from online gambling will pay for quite a few social services programs; on the backs of prostitutes, the elderly will receive from Social Security what they paid in; taxes from the sale of heroin, methamphetamines and crack-cocaine alone will fund brand spanking new housing projects as well as universal healthcare for not only drug addicts but the rest of Americans.

(d) {self censored for violating politically correct progressive groupthink}

I am not going to bore the reader with crime statistics from the Netherlands where recreational drugs and prostitutes are openly available and during the past few days, London wasn’t burning because online and mobile gambling are legal in the United Kingdom.

The majority of the United States voters accept the right for homosexuals to marry, are firm believers in evolution, and selectively choose the parts of Old and New Testament to accept, so why use religious morality to hold back prostitution, gambling and drugs?

Americans must learn to leave their prejudices behind and start taking sensitivity classes to discover the deep heritage and the beauty of online casinos, hookers, and drug dealers.

Without these so called vice-taxes, America will continue on its downward financial spiral to join Greece, Portugal and Spain but without an EU sugar daddy to protect them.