Windows Phone 8 and Nokia
WP8 Nokia

Currently surrounded by mystery, the Windows Phone 8 platform could debut on one of the phones unveiled during upcoming Nokia World.

Microsoft has recently announced the Windows Phone 8 OS, keeping most of its details under the covers for now. Mobile casino enthusiasts are hoping that the platform will be fully unveiled during the next Nokia World event scheduled for September 5.

Even though previous rumors circulating at mobile casino games forums put the WP8 release date in October, the September 5 actually does make sense. As we know Apple is reported to shed light on the new iPhone on September 12, so Microsoft and Nokia might aim to steal some thunder from the Cupertino company.

Industry experts suggest that this could backfire, as Windows Phone 8 announcement might be overshadowed by much more anticipated Apple’s release. However, given the state Nokia smartphones and Microsoft’s OS powering Windows mobile gambling are currently in, they could risk such a move.

Both Microsoft and Nokia are still silent on when the first devices powered by the new OS will actually hit the store shelves. Some sources suggest an October date, some even later. Windows mobile casino regulars stay positive that more information will become available during the upcoming Nokia World event.

Windows Phone 8 OS is widely expected to qualitatively change the way mobile casino gambling is done on WP devices. We’ll have to wait for the official release to learn if that’s true or not.