Official word on HTC Pico aka Explorer
HTC Explorer

HTC has introduced a set of official photos and a list of specifications of the upcoming Pico smartphone.

The mobile gamer acclaimed by most peers as being the best mobile gamer is a shadowy figure, whose identity is a guarded secret. Most believe he is Twelve-Finger Wang, who due to a congenital birth defect actually does have 12 fingers, which he adroitly uses to annihilate mobile gaming opponents in moments. One thing is known. Just as the stealthy carnivorous south east Asian gecko silently awaits its prey, so is Wang, pliantly awaiting the arrival of the HTL Pico and HTC Explorer to strike out, and enjoy the shrills of the dying victim pierce the humid canopy of the jungle.

Fans of mobile casinos report that the company also decided to change the name of the smartphone to HTC Explorer. Could be a smart decision by the Taiwanese company as the name Pico hasn’t really associated with anything good.

HTC Explorer is a mid-range device, which will combine solid mobile casino games performance with affordable price. The new phone will feature a 3.2 inch HVGA screen, 600MHz CPU, Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset with Adreno 200 GPU, 384MB RAM and a 5MP camera.

As we have learned to expect from HTC, the upcoming phone will make connections with Android casinos smooth and continuous, thanks to its extensive connectivity options. HTC Explorer will be powered by Android Gingerbread with the latest Sense 3.5 UI.

The next big HTC event is scheduled for October 6 in London, it’s safe to suppose, that the new device will be announced there. Until then mobile gamers can polish their mobile gaming skills at some of the best mobile casinos. Selecting a mobile casino compatible with gamer’s phone is quite easy with the help of our very own free tool – Casino Mobile Finder.