When it comes to gambling, high-rollers are not simply looking for the best high-stakes games out there but demand their casino destinations to provide glamor with a capital G. You can find casinos all over the world, but what are the true high-roller paradises out there?

Gambling can be fun for us mortals, but there is always the risk of losing far more money than we can afford, but it is not the case for those with money to burn.

High roller gambling exists on another plane, one with private high-stakes games in exclusive casinos salons served up with a fountain of Veuve Clicquot and Cuban cigars.

So with such high expectations, and the hunt for exciting high-stakes poker or blackjack tournaments, what destinations make the cut to qualify as a high-roller’s gambling paradise?

The Opulence of Monte Carlo

When we imagine the glamor of the gambling world, Monte Carlo is the first to spring to mind. Immortalized by Ian Fleming in his James Bond novels, accented by the sunshine of the French Riviera, Monte Carlo is perhaps the Mecca of the gambling world.

With its aristocratic history and Belle Époque architecture, the Casino de Monte-Carlo has over a century of catering to the gambling elite, which makes it perfect for those looking to burn money in style.

Even though the front of the house has become rather touristic, high rollers can still enjoy the best of high-stakes games in the exclusive private salons at the casino.

The Monte Carlo experience offers most luxurious experience from sipping fine cocktails in the lush La Salle Blanche or from the terrace with views of the sea.

High Roller Gambling in the Nevada playground

Wynn Las Vegas is one of the Strip’s best casinos for high rollers. The playful resort goes all out with oversized colors and accessories, which when combined with its exotic gardens, feels like the world of Alice in Wonderland after tumbling down the rabbit hole.

Top high rollers:

• Kerry Packer has earned his title as the undisputed king of the casino, known to play a $450,000 hand of blackjack and tips his waitresses $1,000,000

• Adnan Khashoggi is a Saudi Arabian multi-billionaire known for his love of Blackjack and Baccarat, he was single-handedly responsible for the 19% profit drop in the quarterly earnings of the Hilton Hotel

• The Sultan of Brunei is the world’s richest royal and controls a fortune of $25 billion, once at a Las Vegas casino, he placed a bet of $250,000 chips all across the roulette table on each spin

However, despite the Las Vegas excess, high rollers will find the décor of this casino to their liking, capturing the city’s own brand of glamor with red chandeliers and palm trees.

High rollers with a taste for poker can check out the Poker Room at Wynn Las Vegas, which also offers No Limit Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Pot Limit Omaha and a many more adrenaline pumping games.

The great thing about Vegas is there are plenty of casinos that welcome high rollers in with open arms, not to mention there are some hotels that offer players the ultimate in luxury.

The Venetian was built with high rollers in mind, and offers its best suites for high roller comps, where you have to place a minimum bet of $100,000 and be backed by a credit of $4 million to $5 million.

The mega complexes of Macau

The Las Vegas edition of the Venetian was just mentioned, but high rollers wanting bigger and better go to Macau, where the sister hotel can claim the title of being the largest casino in the world, complete with 550,000 in gaming space.

While the Venetian has the wow factor, there are other casinos in Macau that offer high rollers a better experience.

The Sands Macau is known for looking after its high rollers, and the Wynn Casino, like its Las Vegas counterpart, combines luxury with high stakes gambling.

The Sands Macau has a selection of exclusive rooms and suits ready to take VIP guests looking to place big-time-bets on their table games.

But for high rollers looking for status and excitement, then the Rio Casino in Macau, one of the most esteemed venues in Macau, is the place to be. With elegant rooms and suites, combining old-style elegance with state-of-the-art gaming, it will give gamers right experience.

Spa and gamble in Baden-Baden

The Casino Baden-Baden in Germany is ideal for those looking to spend the night at the tables and in the spas during the day.

Baden-Baden houses one of Europe’s most prestigious casinos, making it ideal for those looking for old-fashioned luxury.

With deep shades of crimson draping the walls and floors, with velvet-rope suspended chandeliers and gilded gold fixtures, Baden-Baden has the right look for a high roller heaven.

The Roulette table has an interesting history, where its claim to fame is that even Tolstoy played here.

For its anniversary, the Baden-Baden casino even used real gold and silver chips in its honor – can’t get more showy than that.

Putting on the Ritz

Nothing says money and exclusivity than the Ritz Club in London. This is a members only club specialized in high-stakes play, and perfect for those who are looking to gamble millions in style.

With its old-boy and James Bond ambience, the Ritz Club takes high roller play to another level.

The Ritz Club has an open gaming salon decked out in tapestries and rich wood, topped with domed ceilings and plush velvet seating.

For those wanting to play for some serious money, there are discrete private rooms for high rollers that mean business.

The Ritz Club comes with an award-winning restaurant filled with an international affair, and gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and a collared shirt.

When it comes to finding the ultimate high roller paradise, sometimes it’s not too easy to pick one location.

Whether it’s the playground of Las Vegas, the ultra-modern super casinos of Macau or the elegance of the old world, there are a number of casinos out there that will give high rollers the best game and experience.

Although, a true gambling loving high roller will just hop in his private jet and cross over to the other side of the world to play a high-stakes poker game. Or perhaps that’s just the impression the movies have left us with.