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Don Johnson: Professional Gambler, Casino Slayer, Blackjack Master

May 25, 2011

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Don Johnson, the master handicapper, shows that he knows a thing or two about blackjack strategy by taking 3 Atlantic City casinos to the cleaners to a tune of $15 million.

Very few visitors who come to Atlantic City, Las Vegas or Macau to play blackjack can brag that they go home with more cash than they arrived with.

Lack of focus, poor bankroll management and the overall distracting environment of the casino all work against players.

Even fewer connoisseurs of blackjack card games are able to consistently return from those locations a winner every time. The blackjack players who get the most respect in the world of professional gambling are those few who were talented enough to bankrupt a casino.

Today, most casinos are controlled by conglomerates with very deep pockets. Thus only a couple of whales who a few years back bankrupted some independent Caribbean casinos have that bragging right anymore.

However, in today’s world of casino conglomerates, to be able to put any major casino into the red for an entire month is an epic feat.

Don Johnson, the actor famous for the 1980’s Miami Vice, doesn’t play blackjack anymore.

Don Johnson of Bensalem, Pennsylvania sure does and over the past six months he was able to clown three major Atlantic City casinos to the tune of $15 million playing high stakes blackjack card games.

At the Tropicana Casino this April, he was allowed to play $100,000 per hand, and just 12 hours later the casino was down $5,800,000. Last December he took Caesars, Atlantic City to the cleaners for $4,230,000. Between December and April he chipped away at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa for $4,900,000.

He is responsible for the very first time in the history of legalized gambling in Atlantic City, for putting a casino (Tropicana) in the red for the entire month. The CEO of Tropicana Casino was subsequently fired for allowing a known shark to play at $100,000 per hand with a 20% discount on losing bets.

Mr. Johnson said that he would take luck over any other skill and there was no magic to his amazing run with the cards. “Eventually, someone would whack them. I’m glad it was me. I’m not breaking any laws. I’m beating them with my own skills.”

The Press of Atlantic City reports that Don Johnson paid “millions in taxes” and lost a few million during the marathon six months session. Mr. Johnson doesn’t consider himself a professional gambler, which is entirely up to him. Mr. Johnson can see himself as he chooses but in the history of blackjack he will be remembered for his feats in Atlantic City.

Mr. Johnson, 49, would not talk about his strategy and would only say ‘there is nothing underhanded about his success.’ He denies that that he is a part of an international gang of professional card counting masters or that he cheated in anyway. (Editor’s Note: To use a card counting system is not underhanded nor cheating according to New Jersey laws.)

Don Johnson is the CEO of Heritage Development LLC., which provides computer assisted horse handicapping services to punters around the globe. He started playing blackjack at $25/hand some fifteen years earlier and slowly moved up to high stakes.

U.S. casinos no longer welcome him with 20% discounts on loses or offer free suites. In fact, they don’t want him to even walk inside. He is already banned by Harrah’s and Caesars in Las Vegas and Trump Taj Mahal Casino and Resorts Casino in Atlantic City. “I don’t think they will let me play anymore. If I don’t play blackjack, I’ll just go to the horse races.”

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