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JLo to Divorce Marc Anthony Over Online Casino Gambling Sessions

Jul 22, 2011

JLo and Mark Anthony divorce
JLo divorce

Marc Anthony and JLo’s seven year marriage may be soon over, and apparently blackjack is to blame.

The latest and most credible rumors point to Marc Anthony spending too much time playing internet poker and online blackjack and too little time playing with his passionate wife in the bedroom as the cause for the couple’s breakup. Instead of spending the nights of passion fulfilling JLo’s insatiable yearnings, the latin lover was allegedly content caressing mounds of virtual chips in some of the hottest online casinos on the web.

Eventually JLo got tired of hearing about Marc’s prowess at an online blackjack table and Marc Anthony got tired of listening about refinancing and premium payments for JLo’s 1 billion dollar insured backside. This ultimately led to the couple finding eager volunteers outside the marriage to help stroke their over inflated egos and thus the marriage fell apart.

The divorce announcement came as a surprise to many especially after a recent appearance by Jennifer Lopez on a popular talk show where the singer, dancer and actress gushed how “Marc and I really do understand each other. We know each other’s hopes and dreams, we know each other’s strengths, we also know each other’s weaknesses, so in a way, we’re the best gauge of how we can be the best in everything that we do.”

Marc’s passion for online gambling and poker allegedly annoyed JLo, especially after Marc Anthony started to show some real feel for the card deck. He was rumored to have began playing in some of the biggest online poker games and blackjack card games just as the US government indicted three of the world’ largest online poker rooms this April during a devastating event known by poker players as Black Friday.

A source close to the family told casino gambling news: “They also clashed when she learned he owed millions in unpaid taxes on the Long Island estate. The other problem was that they couldn’t agree where to live. JLo’s career is in Hollywood and she wanted to live in their Malibu mansion and Marc loved New York. She was going to move to New York in a last-ditch effort to save the marriage. But last Monday I heard it was all over.”

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