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Rush Hour Star Chris Tucker’s Gambling and Drug Use Worry Friends

Oct 20, 2011

chris tucker broke but gambling
Chris Tucker High?

Sources close to Chris Tucker, the broke star of the Rush Hour movie franchise, are concerned about his erratic behavior, gambling and drug use.

According to casino gambling news, Comedian and actor Chris Tucker, best known for playing the jive-talking wise-cracking cop who teams up with kung-fun legend Jackie Chan and jokes his way to always nabbing the bad guys, has been having a rough few years.

Tucker, who hasn’t acted since 2007, is being bombarded from all sides and according to friends has been ‘hitting the pipe’, plays at foreign based online USA casino real money games, as well as partakes in multi-day casino gambling sprees.

Over the last few years a number of publications commented that the 39 year old Chris Tucker look not a day younger than 50, and allegedly has ‘all the mannerism of a crack head.’

Even die-hard fans had little to say in the actor’s defense after a 70 hour casino bender where according to eye witnesses, Tucker became confused while playing high stakes blackjack card games – thinking instead that he was playing poker.

It is unknown what funds the former star is using to finance his gambling sprees as the IRS put an $11.5 million lean against his assets for failure to pay taxes on the 40 million earned from the Rush Hour franchise.

Gambling on the Pirate Mansion

Tucker’s central Florida mansion, which he purchased for 6 million in 2007 at the height of the real-estate boom, is being foreclosed with a $4.4 million outstanding balance.

The 10,000 square foot waterfront home with a basement designed like a pirate ship with a wooden deck, mast and sail.

Tucker, a friend to the late pop star Michael Jackson and a stand-up comic earned his fortune and fame with Chan in the 1998 action-comedy “Rush Hour,” which grossed $130 million just at the US box offices.

The follow up “Rush Hour 2,” was released the following year and brought in more than $345 million worldwide.

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