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Betfair iPad Mobile Gambling App – a Sports Betting Marvel

Feb 8, 2012

Revamped iPad betting app from Betfair
Mobile betting

A new and improved Betfair iPad mobile betting application has been launched due to positive response and strong demand.

Betfair, one of the world’s largest betting exchange has released a completely revamped iPad mobile gaming application following the huge success of its original version.

Mobile gaming has been on the increase in the last year, with Betfair themselves claiming to have seen a 96 percent rise in trading from mobile betting.

According to Betfair, the new application has been released due to strong demand from the customers, who require a new tablet friendly interface, with tablet orientated features.

The new application now features a variety of sporting events, instead of being solely confined to the most popular sporting events on the calendar. The application also makes it quicker for users to access the hottest sporting bets online, and allows them deposit and withdraw funds faster than ever.

The new app has also boosted Betfair’s employment. In 2010 they employed just ten workers in mobile gaming, and the new app saw that figure rise to sixty. The application also features access to a customer service team for gamers in need of assistance.

The new iPad mobile gambling app isn’t the only achievement made by the sports betting firm though. Applications have recently been launched for Android and Blackberry devices too. Further expanding the companies interest in the Mobile sports betting arena.

Anil Bhagchandani, head of product at Betfair stated recently that: “Not only are people moving over from website to mobile, but there is incremental value from that. Customers who were purely website and who then start using mobile almost always stay longer, bet more and have a higher ARPU.”

Phil Dixon, director of technology joined Mr. Bhagchandani by saying: “We may now take one or two of the platforms and begin to experiment and explore. iPad might explore different usage paradigms, for example, and on Android we may have a bit more flexibility to try different navigation.”

The application is said to have been encouraged not only by its rave reviews and happy customers feedback, but also by the growing demand for gaming on-the-go, as recently expressed by Facebook, and the number of online casinos and Mobile sportsbooks joining their enterprise.

It is thought that the new application will be most beneficial to those at sporting events, or watching live sports in the pubs, away from computers with access to the main site.

Phil Dixon added: “Think if you were in a stadium, and you knew that 2,000 people there were having a punt on Chelsea right now. Or if you walk past a pub and you’re an Arsenal fan, and 14 people are there having a punt on the match, would you like to join them?”

The new Betfair iPad Mobile Gambling app has already been released and is available in the Apple store now.

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