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Online Progressive Blackjack Rules

Jun 16, 2016

It’s pretty obvious why progressive jackpot games enjoy great popularity: who wouldn’t like extra payouts? But before playing, it’s very important to clarify Online Progressive Blackjack rules.

Progressive Blackjack Rules

Progressive Blackjack Rules

  • Learn Online Progressive Blackjack rules
  • Take a look at the blackjack jackpot payouts
  • Where to play?

Nowadays, almost all casino games have their own progressive jackpot version. Blackjack is not an exception. The standard version of blackjack has simple, easy-to-learn rules. However, there’s some additional information that must be acquired before each session, such as the table rules, bet requirements, and available side bets. Therefore, it’s vital to clarify all general progressive blackjack rules before starting with the game.

First of all, let’s define online Progressive Blackjack. Basically, Progressive Blackjack is just another variant of the classic game, more precisely, a blackjack side-bet. Such blackjack types offer the opportunity to place an additional bet on top of your primary blackjack bet. With the additional bet comes the chance for an extra win. Most progressive online blackjack versions display a small window, showing the amount of the jackpot in real-time.

Progressive Blackjack rules and payouts

As we stated above, Progressive Blackjack is a spinoff game, which means that its base is identical to classic blackjack: your aim is to collect a hand worth of 21 and beat the dealer. After you placed your primary bet, you place another one for a chance to win the constantly increasing jackpot. Whether you win the jackpot, or a portion of it, is based on your upcoming cards. The overall jackpot is a percentage of each bet placed at all the online casinos that are offering that exact Progressive Blackjack game. Here’s how are the Progressive Blackjack jackpot pay-outs:

  • Jackpot
    • 4 consecutive Aces of the same suit and starting from the first card in the hand
  • 5,000x Your Progressive Jackpot bet:
    • 3 consecutive suited Aces starting from the first card in the hand
  • 2500x Your Progressive Jackpot Bet:
    • 4 consecutive Aces
  • 250x Your Progressive Jackpot Bet:
    • 3 consecutive Aces
  • 50x Your Progressive Jackpot Bet:
    • 2 consecutive aces
  • 5x Your Progressive Jackpot Bet:
    • 1 ace

One of the benefits of Progressive Blackjack rules is that you can win even if you bust. Obviously, the downside is that it’s rather hard to achieve what the Jackpot pay-out requires. However, Progressive Blackjack is double the fun. This game is definitely worth a try, as it’s totally personal whether you like all this excitement and rules or don’t.

The only unanswered question is where to play online Progressive Blackjack? Our recommendation is Paddy Power Casino, a beloved blackjack destination. The offer this exciting game in six-deck version, which is the most widespread. However, unlike others, they offer a €10 free bonus, and a huge €500 Welcome Deposit Bonus.

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