With a bit of awareness and the following blackjack hacks you can maximize your winnings at any online or land-based casino. Download out Blackjack Hacks PDF sheet for easy access!

Blackjack, in its basic form, is a simple and fair game. However, in order to increase their advantage, casinos have changed the game rules, therefore, you have to be more careful when looking for an ideal table both at land-based and online casinos. Thankfully, you can do so by memorizing a few extremely simple blackjack hacks, which you can utilize wherever you’re playing.

Below, you’ll find details only of the most essential blackjack hacks. There might be additional tips and tricks out there, but the purpose of this article is to provide you with an easy-to-remember and practical frame that could benefit you in all circumstances. Whether you decide to memorize these or print out and carry our sheet is up to you. Either way, it’ll take only a few casino sessions for the blackjack hacks to stick with you forever.

The Less Decks, the More Blackjacks

If you’ve ever done some research on blackjack strategies, you’ve probably heard this tip before. It’s much better for your odds to choose a table with less decks in the shoe, preferably a single-decks blackjack table. The reason for this is pretty simple: the less decks a table uses, the higher the chances are for you to score a blackjack. Why? Because 10’s and aces are diluted in a multiple deck game.

Watch Out for the Payout

You’re on the good path to success once you’ve found a single-deck blackjack table, but there a few more things to watch out for. The second most important blackjack hack is the payoff. If you look at a blackjack table, on- or offline, you’ll see something like this noted: ‘6 to 5’ or ‘3 to 2’. For those who only care about the what’s not the why’s: go for the tables with 3 to 2 payout. Winning on a $10 bet at a ‘6 to 5’ table would mean a $12 payout, the same bet at a ‘3 to 2’ table brings $15. In the long run, that’s a huge difference.

Favorable Blackjack Rules: Soft 17, Double Down, Resplitting, Surrender

Two blackjack hacks ticked, now we arrived to the more nuance ones, that could still work for your own benefit. Usually blackjack tables have some labels on them, stating rules that apply to the particular blackjack variant offered. The more of the above is allowed at a blackjack table, the lower the house edge is:

  • double down at any 2 cards
  • resplitting Aces
  • late surrender
  • dealer stands on soft 17

Knowledge of Basic Strategy

Most recreational players probably don’t ever want to read about basic strategy. However, it’s crucial to mention it in an article about Blackjack Hacks. Basic strategy shows you the ideal steps for every card combination. It’s based on science and it’s the foundation for all of the more advanced blackjack strategies. Experts say that a player who doesn’t play by the basic strategy increases the house edge by 1,5%, which is an incredible high percentage.

Blackjack Hacks Explained in Detail

These were the four basic Blackjack Hacks that could work for your own advantage in all casinos. When you’re about to choose a table, make sure to check all the listed points in your mind or on your sheet. The more of the above apply at a table, the lower the house edge, thus, the higher you’re chances are for a bigger blackjack win.

If you want a detailed explanation for these points, we have an amazing blackjack book recommendation for you. Peter Griffin’s ‘The Theory of Blackjack’ utilizes mathematics to explain the effect of all rule variations in an extremely thorough manner. Read the Chapter 8 for scientific explanations to these Blackjack Hacks!