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Swiss Docs Prove Blackjack Casino Gambling Best Cure for Cocaine Users

Feb 15, 2011

Cocaine use stops through blackjack
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A team of top psychologists in Switzerland have discovered that gambling at a casino blackjack table will significantly lower relapse and decrease usage among cocaine and crack addicts.

There is a new, unconventional treatment method for curtailing cocaine or crack addiction that is much more pleasant, and has a higher success rate, than 28-day-rehab clinics or 12-step meetings.

A strange theory was proposed at a major Swiss hospital, a few years back, when a team of psychologists were experimenting with alternative methods of breaking the cycle of cocaine addiction. At the time Dr. Geneva Francois Crespo and Dr. Sylvie Petit Jean decided to see if it’s possible to refocus the brain’s reward center away from cocaine and into a more constructive activity.

On February 14, 2011 they disclosed their findings, which demonstrate that gambling is the best known way to treat crack or cocaine addiction. Swiss health insurance companies are already beginning to accept this treatment option, which involves the addict spending time playing blackjack, or other casino games along with psychotherapy. Since every person’s brain chemistry is different and brain cells interconnect in different ways, online blackjack may work best for some addicts while roulette or video poker for others.

Dr. Crespo explains why blackjack card games help stop the desire to use cocaine – “After cocaine is used, it activates the reward center inside the brain. The brain released euphoric hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, oxytocin and adrenaline which act as a mood enhancer. The same occurs with gambling: the brain perceives a reward from winning or the potential of a reward. The reward causes intense moments of happiness, which compensate for the desire to use cocaine.”

Dr. Crespo contends that cocaine addiction and problems with gambling are far from the same – “Problem gambling is a different brain emphasis than cocaine addiction. The desire to gamble is present from birth; it is not a learned characteristic. The desire to use cocaine is learned and reinforced behavior. You can see small children making bets about whose father is strongest without being taught to do so, but you will not see children look for cocaine unless someone teaches them first.” does not recommend you to teach your crack addicted nephew basic blackjack rules and drag them to the nearest blackjack table. More time is needed to determine the long term relapse statistics. However, the next time you hear someone snarl about the evils of casinos or blackjack, don’t be afraid to mention this surprising, newly discovered benefit for millions of people unable to break cocaine dependency.

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