For all those blackjack enthusiasts out there, there are now two online casinos offering blackjack tournaments, covering every day of the week. The two casinos are Millionaire Casino and English Harbour Casino.

Monday through Thursday, there are daily blackjack tournaments to keep members busy. They start at 3:00am and last until 11:00pm giving players plenty of opportunity to try their hand. The buy in at these daily tournaments is very affordable at just $2 and the winner goes home with the pot. At a buy in this low everyone can afford a little fun!

For the rest of the week there’s a weekend tournament available. The tournament is titled the Weekend Blackjack Classic and the buy in is only $10. The prize pool for the weekend blackjack classic is a generous $5,000. Both the tournaments that are played Monday through Thursday and the Weekend tournaments are based on US Blackjack.

Millionaire Casino and the English Harbour Casino are actually sister-casinos, both licensed out of Antigua and Barbuda and both running on Vegas Technology software. However, there are a few differences between two online casinos. One such example is that Millionaire casino doesn’t offer instant play games. Check out the Millionaire Casino review and the English Harbour Casino review on our site if you are curious towards any more details on the two.

If you’re not already a member, joining is a rewarding idea. At English Harbour Casino you can get 100% up to $800 on your first four deposits, and Millionaire Casino offers 100% up to $5,000 on your first three deposit. Think about how many times you can play online blackjack in the tournaments with that kind of starting incentive!