Apple iPad Mini and iPad 4 comparison
Ipad 4 / ipad Mini

Apple sells daily one million from its new iPad Mini and ipad 4 models.

Apple announced that it sold three million iPads in the first three days since the launch of its new iPad mini and iPad4. The figure is the double the previous first weekend milestone sales of 1.5 million Wi-Fi only IPad 3 in last March.

iPad mini and iPad 4 Wi-Fi plus cellular models, ideal for mobile gambling, will be shipped in a few weeks in the United States, and in other countries later this year.

Apple CEO Tim Cook boasted: “Customers around the world love the new iPad mini and fourth generation iPad. We set a new launch weekend record and practically sold out of iPad minis. We’re working hard to build more quickly to meet the incredible demand.”

Initial iPad Mini supply was short

iPad mini and iPad 4 are available in 34 countries including the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and the UK. The new models will be available in China and other countries later this year. Initial demand for iPad mini exceeded the supply, some pre-orders are to shipped to customers later this month.

iPad mini with Wi-Fi only sells for $329 for the 16GB, $429 for the 32GB and $529 for the 64GB model. IPad 4 sells $499,$599 and $699 for the 16GB / 32GB / 64GB model respectively.

Apple was never short of self praises. According to the company, it designs the best personal computers in the world (Macs), leads the music revolution with iPods and iTunes, reinvented the mobile phones and mobile gaming with the iPhone and the App Store.

Apple also says it defines future of mobile media and tablet gaming with its iPads.

Earlier this week, Apple was forced by an English court to publish a statement on its UK homepage, saying Samsung Galaxy tablets are not copies of iPads.