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New research indicates that Asians prefer playing at mobile casinos over online casinos and have the highest percentage of smartphone users.

The recently released sixth annual Mobile Life survey, conducted by TNS market research in over 43 countries, has once again documented the overwhelming growth rate of the smartphone industry.

After interviewing 34,000 smartphone owners to determine their mobile habits and to uncover new trends, some interesting conclusions were drawn based on the data.

The Asian countries that took part in the survey were China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Japan. Between those eight countries, 1.8 billion mobile phones are in use with 5.7% being smartphones.

The total number of smartphones in Asia is expected to grow to 200 million by 2015, an annual 12.5% growth. The Android mobile operating system is forecasted to dominate the entire Asian mobile market within 4 years, which is great news for the Android casino industry.

Singapore, South Korea and Japan have the biggest penetration of smartphones that account for 70%-90% of all mobiles in use.

Tablets are already a much hotter commodity in Asia than in Europe with 31% of Asian mobile owners intending to purchase a tablet as a replacement for their PC.

The survey showed consumer brand loyalty in Asia with 51% of Apple and 49% of Android users ‘very likely’ to remain with the operating system. Only 30% of Windows Mobile OS and 31% of Symbian OS users expressed satisfaction with their brands.

This loyalty could be directly linked to Apple’s and Google’s ability to quickly jump on the latest trends which consumers demand, especially social networking and a huge variety of apps including mobile casino software.

While Europeans and North Americans overwhelmingly prefer to use their PC to gamble online, the trend is completely opposite in Asia. Asians overwhelmingly prefer to play mobile casino games over PC based online casino games.