gambling causes drug trafficking
Vietnam Casino

Australian politicians, in an effort to justify the government’s poker machine reform, have produced a dubious survey of Vietnamese drug dealers incarcerated in Australian prisons.

The study focused on 600 ethnic Vietnamese drug dealers in Australia’s’ NSW province prisons.

Three quarters of the ethnic Vietnamese drug dealers admitted that they got involved in trafficking and distributing illegal drugs in order to settle a casino gambling debt with Vietnamese organized crime groups.

According to casino gambling news, anti-gambling forces immediately jumped on this dubious survey, conveniently ignoring the fact that an average Australian is not an ethnic Vietnamese.

Australian Senator Xenophon, who sees gambling as only marginally less dangerous than a suicide bomber with Parkinson disease, is now loudly proclaiming that 72% of all Australian drug crimes are caused by gambling debts.


Xenophon, who is pushing mandatory pre-commitment technology for pokie machines harder than any Vietnamese drug dealer, hails the study as irrefutable proof of the evils of gambling.

Perhaps in Vietnam, crooked mafia operated underground casinos entrap gullible Vietnamese gamblers, and given the choice between playing Russian roulette or trafficking drugs to Australia, most chose the latter.

Pre-commitment technology is a fancy word for government control over the amount of money Big Brother will permit each adult Australian citizen to gamble.

“The introduction of responsible gambling reforms will help problem gamblers to set their limits, to walk away from the machines and to stop chasing their losses and ending up further and further in the red,” Xenophon said in a press release.

Senator Xenophon said “hundreds of millions of dollars” was being laundered through poker machines each year.

The study to back up those numbers will be conducted on Nigerian arms dealers in Australian prisons.

There is no word yet if the survey will be repeated using a sample of the Australian prison population that accurately represents the overall population of the country.