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There are two types of blackjack. One is the well-known game of cards to be found at casinos like 22Bet Casino. The other is a nasty weapon. You don’t have to be an expert on human history to know that many people carried self-defense weapons in the past. Of these, swords and daggers were commonplace. Others are more unusual. One of these is the blackjack weapon. And though it’s been outlawed in many places, you could still buy it in shops and online. Today we’re going to be making a concise reader’s guide to the best blackjack strategies

What Is The Blackjack Weapon?

The blackjack weapon is probably better known as a “cosh.” It also goes by the name of “slapper” or “slapjack.” Essentially it’s a tube, often made of leather, within which there is a metal ball and often a spring. We should mention that the ball and spring are optional as the blackjack club works just as well without them. The most important factor is that it should be comfortable to hold and yet the end of it should be heavy enough to cause serious damage. Usually, the end of the blackjack holds a lead weight. 

The History Of The Blackjack Weapon

We can first see the blackjack weapon mentioned in the early 19th century. A certain Ward Hill who was a friend of Abraham Lincoln used this self-defense weapon not long before the US Civil War. When a functional police department first came into place in Boston and New York, its policeman carried blackjacks. But it was not until the 1960s that the blackjack became a popular weapon of choice.

blackjack weapon
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After reaching its peak use, the weapon was outlawed in many states and countries. As a result, it began to lose its popularity. By the 1980s most people would have no idea what a blackjack was. They would assume it was the casino table game you can find online at the best online casinos to play blackjack, like 22Bet Casino. Yet thanks to Hollywood and Netflix, we have seen the blackjack weapon become increasingly popular. You can see them in use in series like The Peaky Blinders. Today these melee weapons are more popular than ever even though they remain illegal.

The Legal Status Of The Blackjack

As we have previously mentioned, the blackjack weapon is illegal in most states and countries. Most police forces no longer issue blackjacks to their officers. Looking a little deeper into the law, it’s perfectly legal to own a blackjack. After all, many history lovers like to have them as part of their weapons collection. Though in many places it’s illegal to carry one, some people do so. They often claim that the blackjack is a great weapon of choice against any stray dogs.

How To Use A Blackjack Weapon?

As a self-defense weapon, the blackjack is very simple to use. Essentially you just going to hit someone hard with the business end and run away. If you know how to hold the blackjack the right way then you can increase the pain and damage caused significantly. By knowing exactly which areas of the body to target, the blackjack weapon can be a very effective, if not lethal weapon.

blackjack weapon
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Firstly, you need to hold the blackjack correctly. On the whole, this means holding it as you would a hammer or a baseball bat. Nevertheless, there are some blackjacks with an offset handle. In such a case you should hold it as you might hold a large handled cup. Of course, how you hold the blackjack is important. But it’s how you follow through that’s going to do the damage.

Because the blackjack weapon is made of leather it’s very flexible. As a result, some users like to make a whip-like movement with the blackjack. Others find that simply swinging it and following through it’s going to be more effective. Essentially, you should utilize it as if you are hitting a nail into a wall. This is certainly going to be more painful for the victim. With the blackjack being a fairly stout weapon, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a single blow. We suggest you continue striking as a greater number of hits will cause greater damage.

Utilizing The Blackjack Weapon

Some proponents of the weapon suggest that you alternate between using the blackjack and using your other hand as a fist. In the casino game of blackjack, we would call this a double attack. They claim this will give you time to “recock” the device to hit again.

blackjack weapon
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Assuming you’re using it as a self-defense weapon, then you should continue you beating your opponent until they stop attacking you. It can be said that the best blackjack tips and tricks in using a blackjack tool are:

  • Firm grip;
  • Hard swing;
  • Following through;
  • Repeated strike.

One thing is certain. That this small weapon can be incredibly dangerous in the hands of a skilled user. The fact that its weight is free moving means it can cause serious damage. This includes both broken bones and even death. The great thing about the blackjack is there’s no need for training before it’s used. Providing you know the vulnerable places on the human body and some initial fighting techniques, then the small leather device can go a long way. 

Hitting Muscles And Soft Tissues

It’s a common mistake to assume that the blackjack weapon is many suitable to attack hard body parts such as bones. This is because we think they’re not protected by soft tissue. But a blackjack strike to a muscle area is going to be equally harmful.

Its ideal purpose is to dissuade an attacker. So you really should think about using the blackjack weapon in a non-lethal manner. If you strike the pictorials and biceps you can cause a huge amount of pain and damage. By hitting these parts you would have a significant advantage when it comes to winning the fight and saving yourself. Remember that you don’t need to stick to overhead hits. Underhand blows, particularly to the groin area, can be very effective indeed.

Blackjack Weapon Reductive Hits

A reductive hit is a hit that should lessen the attacker’s possible to cause you more harm. When you decide to make such a hit it’s important to focus on the places that provide free use of the hands. The idea is to disable them. Providing that you hit in the right places, then the attacker will no longer have the ability to hit or hold any kind of weapon. Probably one of the best places to hit for reductive blows is the joints. Not just the elbows, but also the leg joints. This can reduce the attacker’s ability to move.

blackjack weapon
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You’ll find that reductive hits are one of the most basic self-defense techniques in any form of martial art, let alone with the blackjack. Remember your primary goal is to disable the opponent to such a degree that you’re able to run away. By aiming at the opponent’s hands or fingers it’s possible to break them, as the bones contained within a very fragile. Once the hand is broken, the aggressor will be unable to damage you anymore.

More secret blackjack winning tricks include reductive strike is one to the joints. You may need to be a bit more skillful to land these. But any strong hit will do the job. You need to aim with precision. The idea is to hit along the non-bending axis. Any blow to a joint, whether arm or leg, can easily immobilize your attacker.

Incidental Aims

In a fight situation, we often have a preconceived idea of what the best targets would be for a blackjack. And yet, there are some types that we don’t consider. Things such as the ribs and the collarbone. The kinetic energy force transferring from the blackjack weapon to any of these bones will break them very easily. Both the shock and the pain from these types of brakes will certainly deter the attacker from continuing. One thing that’s great about these types of attacks is that the target areas are very large and therefore require little skill to hit them.

A strike to the collarbone can be from overhead. Whereas the strike to the ribs can be backhanded. It’s a good idea to use your free hand to move your opponent’s protecting arm and then swing up to break the rib cage. Remember that once a bone in the rib cage is broken, then there’s a good chance of a collapsed lung. This can cause the attacker to fall to the ground and become hard of breath. Keep in mind that once the attacker has been hit, he will start to protect the parts of the body that have already been hurt. This then exposes other areas for you to attack.

Blackjack Weapon Lethal Blows

It’s important to keep in mind that blackjack is a lethal weapon. With its free-swinging weighted-end, a skilled person can certainly kill someone.

blackjack weapon
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And an unskilled person may kill someone accidentally. Only if you find yourself in a potentially lethal situation should you use the blackjack on the opponent’s head or neck. One heavy blow to the skull may cause a fracture. In so doing, it could drive a piece of the skull into the brain resulting in death.

Head Hits And The Lights Go Out

If you are going to hit the head then it’s better not to target the forehead known as the frontal glacis. The reason for this is that is where the bone is thickest. Meaning you’ll have a harder time causing an injury. Hitting the face and the temple will cause more damage as the bones here are very fragile. Nevertheless, any strike to the head can cause a concussion. Always be aware of your surroundings. If your opponent should fall onto a hard or shop surface then they could die.

The same goes for hits on the neck. By striking at the front inside parts you can interrupt the blood flow. This will cause them to blackout. If you happen to injure the trachea, then there’s a possibility they may suffocate. As you can see, the blackjack can be a devastating weapon. We suggest you never bring one out in public. This is because, by having a blackjack weapon, if some altercation occurs you are more likely to use it. And though you may escape relatively unharmed from the situation, there is still the possibility that you may cause serious injury or even death. 

For a peaceful life, we suggest sticking with the casino card game of blackjack. You’re better off learning the best ways to beat the dealer at cards, rather than with a cosh. Head over to any online casino and go to the live dealer tables for the best experience.

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