quantum entanglement

All blackjack players are constantly on the lookout for an edge over the casino. One of the best-known methods is counting cards. This can give the player a tiny advantage which is enough to score consistent winnings over a long period. But another lesser-known technique is to utilize something called quantum entanglement. This looks at how each card and hand is somehow connected to another. The only downside is that you’ll need a huge bankroll to be able to turn an eventual profit.

Can Quantum Entanglement Help You Win At Blackjack? 

It’s a given that every blackjack player, whether they’re playing online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, is on the lookout for an edge over the house. Even if you only play online blackjack for fun. As such, they are utilizing perfect blackjack strategies along with mathematics.

Many players are using these things without even realizing it. Then there are the other types of players who will employ a more intentional system. Such as the counting of cards. But here’s a rather leftfield question for you; have you ever thought about using quantum entanglement? We must confess we’ve never thought about using this either. This isn’t surprising because we have no idea what on earth it is!

Sounds Like Science Fiction

The term sounds like something from the script of a sci-fi movie. Yet it was used to beat the house in blackjack. Those famous bigwigs at MIT put quantum entanglement to use to win thousands of dollars over almost a decade. And the casinos had no idea what was going on. As everyone who knows blackjack history can attest to, the university’s blackjack team famously beat the casinos. They did this by working as a group and counting cards. Later their exploits were made into a book and also inspired the Hollywood movie, “21,” with Kevin Spacey.

The term quantum entanglement sounds very cerebral. It could easily be something that only boffins might use in lectures or scientific labs. But it actually can prove useful in the casino table game of blackjack. Providing you know the basic blackjack rules and strategies, then there’s a possibility that quantum entanglement can bring you some nice winnings. So let’s have a look and see exactly what quantum entanglement involves. Let’s find out its importance in blackjack. And let’s see how a regular everyday blackjack player like you can gain an advantage by utilizing it.

Quantum Entanglement What?

To begin at the beginning, let’s answer the question as to what exactly is quantum entanglement? For the answer, we need to dive into the realm of quantum mechanics. In its simplest form, we can describe quantum entitlement as a way of describing when two separate objects or particles become entangled. Through this process, we can discover a correlation between them. This correlation needs to be stronger than that which could be predicted by classical laws of probability and physics.

What this means is that the two objects or particles are not completely independent from each other. Even if they are separate, they can still inform each other of their different outcomes. Forbes Magazine probably described quantum entanglement best as “one of the weirdest ideas in modern physics”, before going on to sum it up as being when “two entangled particles, no matter where they are in the Universe, can communicate their states with one another instantaneously.”

quantum entanglement
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This leads to the question of what on earth can two separate but connected objects, that can communicate, can impact a game of blackjack? Simply put, it’s about the cards each player receives. You can see the influence on the correlation between them. This comes from the fact that they all come from the same deck of cards. You should also consider that there’s a limited number of them, just 52.

Dealing From The Same Deck

In July of 2020, the magazine “Physical Review A” published the results of an experiment. In this, they looked at the advantages gained from using quantum entanglement strategies during the playing of popular casino table games. The main idea was based on “cooperative, two-party sequential games in which a single classical bit of communication is allowed from the player who moves first to the player who moves second.” From this, they deduced that it was possible that the second player could gain a slight advantage.

The players used a mathematical model. With this, they were asked to imagine a box or a measurement method that would help inform their choices. The second player was able to use cases based on this box system. At the same time, the first place choices would inform them of their respective moves.

Or conversely, the lack of moves. When this was compared against a couple of other scenarios, which included player one showing the second player his cards along with card counting, but without communication over thousands of rounds of blackjack, then the quantum entanglement hand gained a small advantage over player number two. It was more advantageous than card counting!

Does Quantum Entanglement Help The Blackjack Player?

The $6 million question is; can quantum entanglement benefit a regular player? The game of blackjack revolves around the player making decisions as to whether to accept new cards to build the best hand. Or to simply keep the cards that have already been dealt.

The game aims to get this close to the ideal number of 21. But without going over. For a better understanding of the basic game, then head over to 22Bet Casino. There you’re able to use the “Demo-Mode” to play free blackjack practice. This is a great method to help improve your gameplay and strategies. This is especially true if you’re just learning how to play blackjack.

quantum entanglement
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In truth, if there is a system available that can theoretically provide you with more information, even if that information is not tangible, for example, such thing as the exact card value, then nevertheless, this new information could still influence your gameplay and lead to you gaining an advantage.

To Utilise Quantum Entanglement, You’ll Need Deep Pockets

Keep in mind, that the results from this MIT experiment gave the players only a slight advantage over the dealer. This occurred when the dealer’s deck was down to the bare bones. Thinking about it, this makes perfect sense. After all, in the fuller deck, there are more card possibilities for the player to come unstuck with.

But the question remains. Is it possible for you to utilize quantum entanglement theory by agreeing with a partner on a system that would somehow inform you of each of your choices? One of the authors of the original experiment, Joseph Formaggio, explained to MIT News, that to increase your winning chances you’d require a very large investor.

Essentially, that translates to the fact that you don’t have to be an MIT blackjack physics wizard to utilize quantum entanglement in your casino table game. But unless you’re a casino high roller or whale, then when you would need some serious financial backing to see the formula through to fruition. In other words, you’d have to approach a game using quantum entanglement with a huge bankroll.

The Main Aim Is To Play Blackjack To Enjoy Yourself

If you fancy your chances and happen to be a physics buff, then it’s always possible to test your skill and knowledge. Simply hit up the best online blackjack casinos, like 22Bet Casino. At the end of the day, even if quantum entanglement doesn’t work, you are still able to have a fun experience. But remember counting cards doesn’t work when playing online games. Nevertheless, you’ll still have a great time. Especially if you decide to hit up the live dealer casino blackjack games.

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