Budget iPhone
Budget iPhone

The growing number of leaks and rumors about the “low-cost” iPhone are strongly suggesting the device will make an appearance soon.

There has been talk about a “cheap” iPhone for over two years now, and judging by the sheer number of rumors and speculations, it seems like the iPhone gambling device will finally hit the shelves this year. The upcoming launch got even more credibility after an alleged image of the smartphone leaked on the internet.

The first image of the “low-cost” iPhone casino device was bright-green, but later on a picture of a trio: bright- yellow, red, and green appeared, adding even more oil to the fire. Considering the fact that the two leaked images came from completely two different sources, the official announcement and the subsequent launch might be nearing after all.

Little is known for sure about the upcoming budget iPhone, but according to the pictures, the camera of the mobile casino tamer comes together with a single LED flash, and there’s a microphone opening stuck in between the snapper and the flash. Those who though the Apple logo will leave the back of the device were wrong: the brand logo is still there along with the iPhone sign.

Apparently one of the sources is a blogger, renowned for his connection with the Chinese assembly factory, where the iPhones are made, and the back cover photo was allegedly taken in a Foxconn facility.

It remains to be seen just how much truth is in those images, when Apple finally does reveal the device officially. Popular opinion about the announcement date is this coming fall, which will coincide with the launch of iOS 7, which rarely goes without the hardware upgrade.