The end may be near for those blackjack enthusiasts who count cards in order to enhance their odds at success. 22 year old Kris Zutis, a University of Dundee graduate, has just developed a software program that has the ability to determine whether or not a player is counting in a casino.

This was the basis of Zutis’s final project and has, at this point, attracted attention worldwide. The software uses complex algorithms to analyze information captured by cameras set up in casinos. According to Zutis, “the system needs work to be commercially viable,” but he has proven that the process is possible. This discovery is basically the equivalent of Edward O. Thorp’s theory on card counting concluded in the book Beat the Dealer. To read more about Thorp and his theory, read our article titled Beat the Dealer the book that started it all.

Although the software is not intended for use against internet blackjack card counting, it can be assumed that that too will be targeted. Card counting is not the same online as it is on land. The only opportunities that counters have in online blackjack is when single deck games are offered, or when its declared ahead of time that decks will not be shuffled.

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