The internet gambling industry has suffered at the hands of the United States government, but there is hope on the horizon and the windy city, Chicago, is going to be a leader in the matter. As of this week, online gambling is getting the thumbs up in the state of Illinois.

The financial crisis may not have been such a crisis for online blackjack players. Due to the crisis, local, state governments, and even the national government have been looking for ways to build up revenue. Lucky for blackjack players, the legalization of internet gambling is the route that governments have decided to tread down in order to fill in some of the budget holes.

The Illinois racing board will meet today to make a decision regarding whether or not three online gambling sites will be given licenses. If the sites are approved, online blackjack players may be shooting for 21 by Wednesday.

According to records, Illinois racetrack attendance has been falling in recent times. Officials believe that this is because citizens are spending their money on unregulated internet gambling sites. Some members of the national government have been pushing to regulate more casinos and legalize online gambling. Their intentions are to bring new revenue into the states via the booming online gambling business, and in turn, players will feel that their money is safe due to the regulation of these sites.

Though these regulated cites are gaining power and popularity in the US, there are already many sites that offer the same services and are, in fact, being taken advantage of by US gambling and blackjack fans. For a list of casinos that have great blackjack and blackjack variation games available, visit blackjack online casino reviews. To see a list of US player-friendly websites, visit “online casinos accepting US players.”