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A team of researchers at a top UK university have recently received a research grant to pursue research into an advanced Card counting computer program they have written. Using sophisticated algorhithms, this computer system is able to detect patterns in dealer shuffles, and can adjust accordingly to provide extremely accurate card counts. Depending on the dealer and their shuffling techniques, this system can give an edge of up to 10% over the house.

The system relies on computers, and it is not likely that a person sitting in a real casino could perform the same counts as the team’s advanced software can achieve. Besides, the team insists they are only in it for the science!

For now, this card-counting team is staying anonymous, but they intend to eventually go public and to publish their results. The first announcement will happen at a mathematics conference in 2010 that is taking place in a very appropriate place – Las Vegas!

The team has also said that their system will not work so well with online blackjack. While decks shuffled by dealers will show certain patterns, blackjack games on the internet use decks shuffled by computers, and these shuffles are 100% random. More importantly, decks are usually shuffled after every hand, making it impossible to count cards when playing blackjack online.

While counting cards in online blackjack games might not be possible, they still offer strong advantages over playing blackjack in land-based casinos. Table limits are often much lower, making online blackjack games and tournaments more accessible.

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