Elderly couple grows weed
Big pot

Old couple bought a nice shrub at a boot sale that grew into a giant grass plant.

A couple of months ago an elderly couple from Bedfordshire, England bargained real hard for a nice looking shrub at a car boot sale. They took care of the plant, watered it, gave it some fertilizer and watched it grow huge. Not just big huge, but gigantic huge.

A visiting neighbor told them a few weeks ago that what they actually had in the garden was an enormous marijuana plat.

“That wasn’t the pot plant we had in mind when we were bargaining for the shrub” the elderly couple told the local news.

The couple, being orderly citizens, contacted the local police, who confirmed that a giant size cannabis plant was growing in their back garden.

The officers visited the couple and confiscated the plant. After the “drugs bust” at the garden, the Bedfordshire Police posted the picture of the massive grass plant on Twitter, saying: “Seized today. Elderly couple bought shrub at car boot sale, tended carefully – biggest cannabis plant we had seen!!” The police also shared the above picture on the social network.

“I had never taken any drugs in my life” commented the grandpa, who is rumored to be a skilled blackjack player. “I did not even know how a grass plant looked like, I thought it was just a nice looking, healthy shrub”, he added.

Later analysis found out that the giant plant has a considerable amount of THC, the stuff that gets you high on grass. If it was put on the market, it would worth several thousand pounds.

The police only confirmed that the elderly couple was indeed from the Bedford area, and it is not likely they will face any drug charges.