Phil Ivey and Ram Vaswani settle
Ivey vs Vaswani

Phil Ivey and Ram Vaswani finally settle long going $900,000 golf bet dispute.

After Phil Ivey’s trouble with Crockfords casino in Mayfair over his non-paid winnings of $11.7 million, fellow English poker pro Ram Vaswani settles his long-going $900,000 golf score with the American.

According to the gambling news, back in 2007 Ivey, Vaswani and two other poker famous poker players began playing golf for $20,000 a hole. As the game went on, the stakes were raised to a massive $50,000 per hole.

Vaswani finally lost to Ivey, but after the game, the London-born poker pro refused to pay up, claiming the bet was void.

Vaswani insisted that the handicaps assigned to the players were not fair, and Ivey understated his golf skills by not telling how recently or often he had been playing golf before the game. Ivey, on the other hand, insisted he had accurately told and represented his previously acquired golfing skills.

Yesterday Vaswani told the press: “We came to an arrangement and I bear no grudge.” However, the English professional card player did not reveal any details of the agreement. The Standard newspaper claims that allegedly Vaswani paid up at least part of his betting debt.

Vaswani commented on Ivey’s dispute with the London casino telling that the American liked placing big wagers on blackjack or baccarat. He was quoted: “It would not be unusual for Ivey to bet big in a Punto Banco game, but that he would prefer to see both sides of the story.”

So far, neither Ivey nor Crockfords nor their lawyers have commented on the alleged casino cheating story.