big-fish-games-180714Big Fish Games

Big Fish launch a new puzzle adventure with a twist on the usual game mechanic giving us a brand new gaming experience.

The puzzle solving games scene is massive, helped in no small part by the explosion of smart phones and tablets, especially amongst the casual gaming community. The clever mixture of challenges means that players of these games are getting a far broader, more textured, experience that those playing some of the more traditional games on a ho-hum mobile casino app.

Big Fish aren’t small fry with a range of titles that make even the big triple-A game makers jealous and to this galaxy of entertainment they’ve just added a free-to-play slot puzzler called Cascade. Guaranteed to be a big hit this provides 140 handcrafted puzzles to solve as players use a slot machine to get them where they’re going in a great twist on an overly trode game mechanic path.

Thrills cascade off new title

iPhone casino games might satisfy those of us that are of a certain age but the younger generation were always going to require more. Big Fish has provided this with gems, otters, a mole called Jasper and the usual array of monsters, wild animals and hidden dangers. Of course this being mobile the platform allows more and Big Fish take full advantage of that.

Players can not only compete with friends for highest scores and bragging rights, they can also attempt to solve daily puzzles, and take advantage of a daily spin that could help some out of a tricky level or two. Big Fish plans regular updates with new levels, characters, obstacles and gems, so this one is set to run and run and run.